Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Becoming a better (digital) photographer

Early on, PLCMC's Learning 2.0 project talks about the importance of Life Long Learning and gives tips for creating your own Life Long Learning project. I've never exactly been formal about things I want to learn, but I can see the value in it depending on the type of thing you want to learn. (I often don't even realize I'm learning something until about halfway through a project. I don't often, as the 7 1/2 habits recommend, "begin with the end in mind". I am, however, convinced that I can learn just about anything I set my mind to.)

At any rate, I've decided to formalize something I've been working on for the past few months anyway: Becoming a better (0kay decent) digital photographer. I can't afford a new camera so I'll be limited by the technology I already own, but I'm sure it's capable of a lot more than I currently get out of it.

One of the things the website suggests - and indeed offers a template for - is creating a learning contract with specific goals and deadlines. (I'd include a link directly to the template, but it's embedded in a Flash presentation and I can't figure out how to dig out a direct link out. The presentation itself is here: Just click where it says "Attachments" in the upper right hand corner.) So, I've done my contract, and step one was to take some baseline pictures to show how bad I am now, and upload them. (I must confess I did this about a month ago, but it's always nice to start a project with a few things already checked off.) Anyway, the pictures I took are here. (The black and white ones at the end aren't mine, but they were too great not to include.)

Hopefully, by Oct. 5, my chosen deadline, I'll be able to post some much improved pictures! (Of the library still, so it's easier to compare.)


HeleneB said...

Jamie- You're way to young to have taken those B&W photos -- or is there something you're not telling us :)

Jamie said...

You caught me! I'm a magical ageless creature from the realm of faery.

No, really, I found those in some things Julia had left on a flash drive and they are just too great not to share.

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