Friday, August 11, 2006

Like Flickr, but not

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by mineral108

There are quite a few services similar to Flickr on the Internet, although Flickr is generally considered the best and most user-friendly. The one I'm most familiar with is WebShots, where I grabbed this picture ...

Google is trying to do something similar with Picasa Web Albums (or here for more general information) but haven't found a way to duplicate the social aspect of Flickr yet, as far as I can tell.

There's also a service called Photobucket; the home page makes it look as though you have to register, but you can easily search pictures without setting up an account.

And there's a service called 23, but again the lack of established
community is hurting them. I do like the way search results appear there: here's the result of a search for "blue." (Warning: Link no longer works. Just type in "blue" once you get there, eh?)

Another interesting photo sharing website is Zooomr, currently in beta.
It works well and fast, and could be one to watch out for. One of Zooomr's big pluses is a quick pop-up window that lets you view a larger image before you decide to go whole-hog and open the main picture page.

There's also Vizrea, which does require registration but looks interesting.

The Flickr entry at Wikipedia lists a few more, and this Wired article compares Flickr to a few others.

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