Saturday, September 16, 2006

Deli-style, then. Well, let's see. I've been using since February of 2005, and already have 353 bookmarks there.

So, is it useful for research? Yes and no. Frankly, it depends on how internet-savvy the researcher is.

For me, it's a wonderful tool; all I have to do is click a tag I've added to one of my bookmarks, then click "all" on the next page, and now I've got a big long list of sites other people think are relevant to that topic. A quick glance at how many other people have bookmarked a site gives me some idea how useful it will be. (Early on, I found tons of knitting sites this way.) Or, I can just search for a tag using the search feature, and get a surprisingly long list of links about the Brontë family.

The kicker is that, as with everything else on the Internet, you will have to use discretion about which sources are credible and which not worth your time. "Trusted users" (i.e., your network) will help to combat this problem.

As much as I personally like, I doubt I will recommend it to Virtual Village computer users very often. For one thing, they generally don't understand tags (which in their simpliest iteration are merely self-chosen keywords) or even bookmarks; I just don't think they'd understand what they were looking at on the site. They also aren't typically very good at recognizing untrustworthy websites.

By the way, if you like, check out the Absolutely Tools Collection.

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