Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Library 2.0 links

While researching Library 2.0, I came across some really good blog posts about the subject that I couldn't work into my own write-up. They're still interesting, though, so here they are.

T. Scott doesn't have a problem with the idea of Library 2.0, he just really dislikes the name. He believes that what we're calling Library 2.0 is really just an extension of the librarian/community relationship already in place in good libraries.

Mr Krumpus at Library of Terror thinks Library 2.0 is mostly a marketing term and an attempt to woo "millenials" who will eventually grow up and change their ways. He poses some interesting questions about what a library is, and I agree with some of his answers.

Jessamyn at, whom I discovered at Ask Metafilter and only later realized is a brilliant librarian, talks about how to share Library 2.0 ideas and adds, "Our patrons share their hopes and dreams and foibles and ambitions with us all the time, it may be time to give back, become more interactive and collaborative, make that door swing both ways. This is what Library 2.0 means to me."

If I find more, I'll post them too!

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