Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More 2.0 sites - this is fun!

As far as exploring new Web 2.0 sites, I glanced at a couple and decided to really explore one.

First, what I glanced at.

  • - How is this 2.0? Just because it allows players to tag games? Surely I'm missing something.
  • Fitness Journal - This looks great, but it's paid subscription based. I think I might visit again after I get paid on Friday!
  • NBBC - What a disappointment to realize this is a business-to-business undertaking and not somewhere I can watch videos of NBC television shows.
  • Last fm - Looks interesting, but since it requires installation I can't play with it at work.
  • I tried to play around with Cityfeeds, but the site just wouldn't open for me.
  • Coverpop is weird.

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