Friday, September 22, 2006

My PBwiki (hpjc)

I've also looked at PBwiki this week. A year or more ago I decided to try creating my own wiki, just for practice, and set it up at PBwiki. I created it just for myself because I'm not very good at remembering character's names and am always getting stumped when a "new" character who has actually been around before is introduced into the Harry Potter story. But I abandoned the project before I got even a twelfth of the way finished and haven't been back to the site in many months.

Oddly, the same week that PBwiki is one of the 23 Things assignment, I received an email from PBwiki letting me know about cool new features, like tags and an API (application program interface, which is more or less what lets you create mashups, and which is way more than less over my head). The PBwiki team is also created a nice gui front-end for creating and editing pages.

I'd forgotten how much fun I had playing with my wiki, and was surprised at how good it looks now that I haven't seen it in a while. I was essentially typing up some annotations for the Harry Potter books; I've already made the notes, I just need to enter and link them. Maybe it's time to start doing that again.

Although at the moment I'd rather create a new wiki doing the same thing for Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

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