Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sounds dirty to me

I decided to try, a web 2.0 social network/dating site, mostly because I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about it Tuesday morning. Members rate each other by awarding points, and apparently the competition can be rather ferocious.

Click "Read more" for an intriguing quote from the article …

From "The Undateables," Wall Street Journal, Sept. 23, 2006, pg. 1:

"For Sarah Schoomer, it's meant focusing as much on trying to boost her ranking as on searching for a soulmate. … Ms. Schoomer thought she'd give a shot. … The site also seemed cooler than others, with its quirky ratings feature and offbeat questions that encourage sardonic responses. … But not long after her profile went up, the lines were silent. The site posts each member's popularity score, which changes based on positive comments from other users, and then ranks them accordingly. … [S]he took drastic action: a plea to the site's 20,000 members. … [T]hey doled [points] out to her liberally, and within days, she'd climbed to number 343. … After coming this far, Ms. Schoomer says she now worries that she could get so caught up in the popularity game that her true match could look right past her — or vice versa. "It does make me stop before posting something and wonder, 'Am I being authentic, or am I just saying something provocative?'"

So, as soon as I can figure out what name and "witty one-liner" to use on my profile, I'll sign up, explore and report back on

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