Saturday, September 16, 2006

Technorati, then

Until today, I hadn't visited the Technorati website in ages. Last time I was there it was just a plain old search engine, only it searched blogs. Now it's much more, and I like it!

Plus, I went to claim my blog and found that someone had already linked to it! That's cool! (And thanks.)

Anyway, Technorati would have been very useful last night when I was looking to see if there was anyone online discussing the Goldrush game at AOL. (There are lots of people discussing it in the blogosphere, by the way. And you should play; it's a chance to win a bunch of money from the people who make Survivor. If you decide to play, I wanna be your buddy. I'm

So now I know, to get a handle on what's buzzing in the blogs, use Technorati.

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