Friday, September 29, 2006

Viral videos? Where's the doctor?

Being somewhat familiar with YouTube, I decided to explore other user-created video sites on the Internet. I was surprised by how many I found.

[Note:] Sites with * require you to watch ads before your video plays.

Many choices for browsing
For browsing, I still prefer YouTube, but I also like Veoh and DailyMotion. Like almost all video sites, clips play directly on these webpages.

Yahoo! Video and Google Video make browsing easy, although clips from Yahoo! Video sometimes open in a seperate player window, usually either Windows Media Player or Real Player, instead of playing directly on the site. AOL Video offers paid selections as well as user-contributed clips (as does Google Video). I also liked Atom Films*, an old-school viral video site that I hadn't visited in years.

GoFish was typical except for the annoying America's Dream Date clips that start playing as soon as you get to the site. Metacafe and ifilm* were also rather typical. A lot (but not all) of what's on view at MySpace is almost pornographic and generally NSFW (not safe for work).

Not your average video sites
Revver is a little different than most; they say they are "the first viral video network that pays." Each video has an ad at the end of it; each time a viewer clicks the ad, the video poster gets paid. YouAreTV has interesting and different clips; they say they offer "the best independent films, shows, and videos online," and it's true that the videos weren't your typical offerings but tended to be more serious. DailyMotion offers more international clips (like these from France) than other sites.

Blinkx for searching
With so many video clip websites around, a search service like is invaluable; blinkx searches even more video sites than I had already located. I ran my infamous fainting goats search, and blinkx found 25 videos from a wide variety of sources.

Favorite clips
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, told in Legos, from Veoh

Still Weathering the Storm, a Hurricane Katrina documentary by a group of kids, from YouAreTV

Bathtime in Clerkenwell (again) on Atom Films

Cats & Dogs, from Google Video

I don't think the dog is dead ...

Crying kid just won't stop, from AOL's UnCut Video

Hamster Dance, from MySpace videos

Get this video and more at

Martin Scorsese's Sesame Streets, from ifilm (Warning: Rated R for language)

Britian's Dumbest Criminal, from Metacafe

Britians Dumbest Criminal - video powered by Metacafe

Diet Coke and Mentos fountain, from GoFish

Very funny parody of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful"


HeleneB said...

Jamie - you go girl! with all your discovery posting of such cool news things, I think you easily qualify for the title of Learning 2.0 Queen :)

Jamie said...

Queen. Yesss! (dons crown, smiles regally at everyone in Movies & Music room)

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