Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Web-based applications

I'm playing around with web-based applications; right now I'm testing out Writely and Zoho Writer. I've been messing around with Google Spreadsheets too.

It's too soon to have an opinion on any of these yet, although I will say I like the look of Writely quite a bit. Virtual is really busy and the Internet connection is getting pretty slow, so I'll add that web-based applications are great when you have a good connection but can drive you nuts when you don't.


Jamie said...

So far I'm rather disappointed with Google Spreadsheets. My file looks great on the screen, but I've used colors to designate certain things as more important than others. Unfortunately, when the spreadsheet is printed, it only prints in black and white. Which, incidentally, is my main gripe about Google Calendar - it, too, only prints in black and white.

cliff said...

Hi, I invite you to try out EditGrid, another online spreadsheet with more functionalities including charts and real-time update. It is not perfect, but probably better than its competitors.

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