Monday, October 02, 2006

23 Things - Done. Bring on more!

With this post, all 23 things on the list are done. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Learning 2.0 experience and am almost sad to be finished. Even when "learning" about websites I was already familiar with, I discovered new ways to use them and new things about them.

My favorite site was probably Flickr, which I had explored before but not as much as I should have. It's so wonderfully simple to add a picture to a blog from Flickr! I'll return to Technorati more often, and I'm not finished with my experiment at Consumating.

I enjoyed tracking other staff members' progress through the 23 Things and reading their opinions of each task. I was asked several times to help coworkers finish their tasks, and was honestly surprised at how much help some of them needed. It was a good reminder of how much help Virtual Village computer users will need with these concepts, and of how difficult it is for some people to "play" with a technology they don't know much about. I think they tend to get frightened and hesitant, and don't give themselves permission to poke around and figure things out. With Web 2.0 being perpetually beta, comfort with uncertainity is more and more of a necessity and I hope people will be able to adapt.

I've done the 23 Things, but I'm not done learning. I'll continue to update this blog with my experiences at Consumating, and I'm going to do the remaining items mentioned in the original 43 Things I Might Want to Do This Year article.

So stay tuned!

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HeleneB said...

:) May be I could tap your for enthusiasm and skills for another project.

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