Monday, October 02, 2006

Consumating update

I've been playing around with Consumating for a few days; so far, I'm having lots of fun!

How Consumating is different from other dating sites:

Consumating SST Derek
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  • No long profile to fill out; just answer questions posed to the entire membership (if you want to - no pressure). You can be sarcastic, goofy or serious, whatever works for you. You can also use pictures in your answers. Questions include "What skeletons live in your closet?" and "What's your favorite toy?"
  • Start a "conversation" - i.e., ask your own questions, get answers if everyone else thinks the question interesting enough.
  • Other members "tag" you, which lets you know more about what they think about you.
  • Your popularity is based more on answers to questions and conversations than how hot you look in a bikini. This is the point system the Wall Street Journal article talked about. You can get (or give) points from any other member, boy or girl, or even a visitor.
  • Frequent "real-life" parties to meet other members.
I'm having lots of fun answering the questions and reading other answers, but I'm not sure I see how Consumating works as a dating site. It's an enjoyable social networking site where you might find someone you're interested in, but I'm not sure how the matchmaking could happen. Maybe if there were more people signed up from the Charlotte area?

Since Consumating isn't all about matchmaking, I encourage everyone to sign up! It really is a lot of fun.

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