Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can't believe I forgot to mention ...

the web 2.0 feature I've been working with most, Yahoo!'s new bookmarking system, which lets you organize bookmarks both in folders and by tags. I've been working on it for at least a month now - it should be very, very useful once I finish getting it set up.

I imported my bookmarks from Firefox and from (which Yahoo! now owns); what's taking so much time is organizing the folders and making sure they all have good tags. The tags I'd been using in were imported, but I decided I didn't like them and am changing most of them. (My tags were all one word, using a . instead of a space between words. The Yahoo! system lets you use spaces, etc., and since the tags are searchable I decided to change them over to a more regular syntax. I'm also trying to make them more consistent.)

At any rate, I'm almost done assigning new folders and keywords, and then ... efficiency is mine!

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