Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's been a while

since I posted anything, so here's an update.

I've played around with Consumating a bit, but it lost its appeal fairly quickly. I just don't have time to wander around online looking for friends, and my RL (real life) friends aren't exactly the type to join these sites. I still visit Consumating occasionally, but it's fairly rare. (I'm BlueGreen there.)

I also decided to try out Fitness Journal, and quite like it, although I'm not very good about remembering to go enter my information every day. I really must get back in the habit of doing that!

Just today I decided to try creating a new Scrapblog. I'm not overly enthused about it, but here it is. Not all the stuff that is actually on the pages is showing up for some reason, so if it looks odd that's probably why ...

And I'm trying to figure out Second Life, which is a bit difficult to do since I'm pretty sure I can't install it on my home computer because I don't have enough memory left. No real opinions about it yet. It's interesting, but all I've got to go on so far are Wikipedia articles and a few videos SLers have made and posted online. I'm going to a demonstration of Teen Second Life at ImaginOn this afternoon, so maybe I'll have a better understanding afterwards.

Oh, and I've come across a few neat Web 2.0 things. I'll just list them here and come back and add more about them later.

  • Wordie (make lists of words you like, or don't like, or whatever) I'm Jaie.
  • Squirl (catalog your collections and show them off) I think I'm Jaie here too.

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