Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ah-ha! New scrablog!

The new version of Scrapblog is even more fun than I thought! The stickers and backgrounds, for example, are much easier to use but they are also a lot more fun to look at. The themes are pretty great too. And coming soon - the ability to put a Scrapblog on DVD as a gift, and to get a nicely printed and bound version.

This Scrapblog is one I'm creating for my grandfather's 90th birthday party this June. I had planned to use PowerPoint to make it, but I actually think Scrapblog is easier and more fun. (Especially if I can get the presentation on a DVD. There won't be any Internet access at the party.) Although I must admit this one Scrapblog has taken the better part of a day. (But then I'm at work on the service desk, so I've done it in the minutes I've been able to snatch between users needing help.)

Scrapblog's embed/post to blog function doesn't seem to be working right now, or at least it isn't working well. I'll try again tomorrow, but right now it is time to go hoooooome!

Wait, let's try it right now:

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