Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zamzar: We have found the problem, and it is us

So, Zamzar is working great this morning. The difference? I had the bright idea of using a different email address to receive notification that my conversions are ready for download.

So the lesson is: If you're having trouble, don't use your PLCMC email address at Zamzar. Try Hotmail, or Yahoo!, or Gmail, or whatever else you've got.

Because the service itself works well, and works quickly. Wait, I'll show you.

I also converted several YouTube videos with good results, although they could be a bit balky at times. And I converted a PDF into a Word document, which worked quite well.

I did notice that quite often, Zamzar doesn't look like it's finished uploading a document or a video, when actually it has. If you have an upload that seems "stuck" at 24% (or any other percent, for that matter), check the email address you supplied anyway. Most of the items I've had this "trouble" with have in fact been in my Gmail box waiting on me. (I suspect it's some kind of bandwidth issue on the library's end.)

I can imagine many, many uses for Zamzar, but the most intriguing is converting from PDF into an editable document. We see many, many patrons who want to edit a PDF but, of course, can't do so.

Zamzar will also be useful the first time a patron brings in a file they created in Word 2007, which of course we have no way to convert to a document they can use on our computers. (You can use Zamzar to convert the Word 2007 docx format to a plain old doc.)

And for personal use, Zamzar is absolutely the easiest way I've seen to download a YouTube video! And I can watch it on my iPod! That totally rocks.


HeleneB said...

you rock! Great video.

Ready to take over blogging next week?

Jamie said...

Absotively! I think we might do Twitter first ...

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