Friday, May 25, 2007

Thing 24: Zip, zam, zot

The name of the website in the first exercise for Learning 2.1, Zamzar, reminds me a a tennis-ball-on-a-pole came my sister and I had when we were kids, called Zim Zam or something. My sister used to make really horrifically lame jokes about zim zam zot all the time.

Hopefully, the Zamzar service won't be as lame as those jokes.

The first thing I tried to do at Zamzar -- convert a YouTube video of the inside of a hard drive as it works to an mpg so I could include it in the PowerPoint presentation for computer basics. It took me several attempts to realize that to convert something from a URL, I had to click the URL link about the "Browse" box at Clicking that link takes you to, and the "Browse" button now says "Add URL." I tried converting a YouTube video to a couple of different formats; the only one that I was able to get to even complete the conversion process was mp4.

I also uploaded a Word document for conversion to a PDF; we'll see how that worked.

Right now, I'm waiting for Zamzar to email me with a link to either one of my conversion projects. I'll let you know how they turned out!

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