Saturday, June 02, 2007

Thing 25: Letterpop

I must admit that I love Letterpop. (Almost as much as I love the new Scrapblog, but that's another story.) For creating newsletters, Letterpop is easier then Word or Publisher, and the templates look better too. Plus, Letterpop automates the process of sending your newsletter via email.

Really, using Letterpop is a breeze. (And no, I'm not actually obsessed with making videos for websites. This is one I made earlier for my 60 Sites in 60 Minutes class. I'm not all that happy with it - it needs some editing, and it may eventually get some. But I thought you might get something out of it.)

Account options
With a free Letterpop account, you can create 10 newsletters, mail them to 25 address ten times a year and have 25 pictures in your toolkit. You will have to put up with a few advertisements on the Letterpop site. (The free plan has been plenty for the library users I've introduced to Letterpop, BTW.)

The next Letterpop level, aimed at power users, is a little under $25 a year, and gets you 52 newsletters a year, mailed to up to 500 addresses. You'll get 100 pictures, too.

The most expensive account at Letterpop, created for corporate users, is a little under $180 a year, still quite inexpensive considering you get 365 newsletters, sent to 10,000 email addresses, and special "business" templates. Any organization needing more newsletters than that should really consider hiring a designer to create them and an email service to get them distributed!

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