Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thing 29 was Scrapblog!

which I've only played with about a million times now. I'm not sure why I love Scrapblogging so much, but I wish I could somehow make it my full-time job. I really enjoyed discovering new things that the platform could do and new ways to display my pictures/design my pages.

However, the primary Scrapblog I put together was for my grandfather's 90th birthday party in mid-June, and it got so large and unwieldy that it eventually broke. I think I will take the opportunity of doing the write-up here to go back and fix that, since I'm supposed to be putting it on DVDs and sharing it with assorted family members.

While I'm at it, maybe I'll embed my other Scrapblogs here too.

1 comment:

Alex said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your compliments! You did a great job with your grandfather's 90th bday scrapblog. How about joining our user panel to give us feedback on what we could do better? It won't take too much time and we'd sure appreciate it! (please reply by email)


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